Online Doctor Consultation from Anywhere, Anytime

About us

Who are we?

Hi! We are a Health Tech group incubated by Glocal Healthcare based out of Kolkata. Glocal has established 11 hospitals spanning four Indian states. The company counts Sequoia, Elevar and SIDBI Venture Capital as its investors.

Why do we exist?

Staying in a country where doctor-population ratio is extremely poor, we firmly believe that primary healthcare should not only be affordable but also easily accessible; we are pledged to make it happen!

Either time or place should be no bar in availing primary healthcare facilities. With this dream that´s gigantic and larger-than-life, we at helloLyf have put forward our baby steps in realizing every bit of it ever since our inception in early 2016.

What do we do?

We provide seamless video consultation with doctors; instantly and constantly! helloLyf is powered by its in-house software LitmusDx which helps both the patients and the doctors to get better health outcomes by enabling the physicians to take better decisions. And all this is just the beginning! We still have miles to go!

What is our USP?

We never sleep! We can be reached round the clock and round the year. We offer instant service. For us, a customer might be a `Patient´ when sick; but he/ she need not be `Patient´ for seeing a doctor.